About Collaborations

In Journalistic Collaborations, writing and photography students will come together to continue studying the field of journalism and documentary work, while creating joint projects for future publication in an online Santa Fe University of Art and Design Independent magazine, scheduled to re-launch in Fall 2013. The bulk of this course will be dedicated to project work between both groups of students that reports on real stories from the SFUAD and Santa Fe communities. In teams, students will define and pursue in-depth reporting on people, projects and artistic endeavors in these communities. Students from both disciplines must have completed prior coursework in one of these departments covering the fundamentals of photojournalism or reporting. In addition to workshop coursework, students also will continue studying seminal journalism across multiple disciplines, and discussing the emergent journalistic issues of the 21st century. The class also will feature guest speakers. All students will be required to use the most recent edition of the Associated Press stylebook in this course.

The course is team-taught by Anthony O’Brien, an award-winning photojournalist, and Julia Goldberg, former editor of The Santa Fe Reporter. For more information, please email Anthony.O’Brien@santafeuniversity.edu and Julia.Goldberg@santafeuniversity.edu

And here is an inspiring video about journalism!